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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth removal with IV sedation gives the maximum in patient comfort.

There are a variety of reasons to get your wisdom teeth removed. Our highly trained team will review your specific needs.

Same day and emergency treatment is available pending medical history review. You will need to have not eaten within 5 hours of your appointment and you will need an escort with you.

Wisdom Teeth extraction is all we do. We take pride in providing a great experience.

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Our clinic offers comprehensive solutions for wisdom teeth removal

Faster Healing

Heal Faster and Prevent Dry Sockets with L-PRF, Platelet Therapy.

Your blood contains the building blocks of repair.

If you suffered a small scrape on your knee, your body would react by creating a clot to stop the bleeding, form a scab, and finally regenerate new skin.

Platelet Fibrin Therapy is similar. A small amount of blood is collected to create an advanced bioactive compound that will boost the healing forces found within your own blood to improve healing.

The procedure to obtain L-PRF is not much more work than a routine blood test.

The therapy is 100% natural and additive-free and FDA cleared.

Natural growth factors present in your own body are concentrated using L-PRF (blood samples are spun in a specific centrifuge and protocol).

Your own concentrated platelets and other key blood cells and their unique healing abilities are simply re-introduced at the site of your surgical procedure. As a result, your own body releases powerful proteins and creates a scaffold for more efficient healing.

L-PRF (Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin) Platelet Therapy is proven to increase recovery times and lower the risk of complications.

Ask Dr. Spencer Wirig about L-PRF Platelet Therapy when you Visit Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth.


Our clinic offers comprehensive solutions for wisdom teeth removal


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